(* articulated rhythm)
In 2016 I started experimenting with the potential of the south-indian/carnatic rhythm-language 'Konnakol', researching and teaching with
'Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany'
and initiated:
=> www.konnakol.de
some material of:
=> aesthetic learningcontext I
backgrounds also in my Instagram artworks:
=> Instagram_@winkler.works
or in my lessons:
=> winkler-teaching.de
(* motoric words)
In 2015 I started learning Tabla on my own in a semiclassical way
which also led to my interest in visual-motoric-articulation
learning relationships:
=> neujahrsgruss
(* visual sentences)
since 2014 I make visual learning-diaries on a daily basis.
Now linking it with behavioral, digital and philosophical concepts into
a small software that generates
=> 'subjective autocollages' (SAC)
- a way to condense subjectivity -
(2014-2019 ongoing)
(* digital syllables)
from 2009-2013 I wrote some software-tools in maxmsp and supercollider.
in 2013 I won 1st prize at SC-Code-Marathon, ZKM Karlsruhe/Live-Coding Community.
I studied 'electroacoustic composition' at Folkwang Udk, Essen, Germany.
(* letters to me)
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