subjective autocollages (SAC) - Iteration III

'subjective autocollages' is an ongoing longtime project
It is the basis of my other recent artwork, music and life-art.
Meanwhile it operates as a recursive interaction between
individual experiences and a simple software that supports
to condense subjectivity.
See the full 2019 documentation:

=> 'SAC Iteration III'-2019.pdf

#human-computer interface condensing subjectivity
#digital spiritualities
#deep-learning & big data - subject oriented
#biocybernetic life-art
#daily visual diary-collages
#visual semantics, color psychology
#a simple software
#AI and rebirth of the artist
#dreams and 2nd-order dreams
#recursive collages
#aesthetic side-effects
#again: experiences

Over the years, it has developped in various stages,
media and levels of recursive interactions, I call "Iterations".
It is a paradox I love to play with and also trust
to let it play with me - in a biocybernetic sense.
The goal is a colorful life and its feedback into SAC again, until...

Inspired by the works of:
Gregory Bateson, A. N. Whitehead, Rudolf Kaehr,
M. Varga v. Kibed
feel free to contact me if you are familiar
with some ideas of A. Badiou

=> see SAC teaser on youtube