Tuplet Machine
Advanced Rhythm Environment

'Tuplet-Machine' is a rhythm-didactic environment demonstrating advanced carnatic counting and composing techniques. It is currently programmed by composer and media artist Johannes Winkler for his courses with Netzwerk Konnakol Deutschland.

Based on Max8 and the Bach library it helps students and professionals of Contemporary Classical and Jazz Music to incorporate & play, compose or improvise organically with polyrhythmic structures, patterns, [[nested] tuplet[[s]]], polymetres, polypulses, ... and more ...

It also includes a library of contemporary music examples and classic-carnatic structures - and is updated on a weekly basis (05 / 2024).

'Tuplet Machine' is deeply inspired by the phd from Rafael Reina (Conservatorium Amsterdam) and research at the carnatic TCFA-Academy Germany with Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan - with whom Winkler founded konnakol.de in 2018.

Currently it is only available as an accompanying tool in presence courses: