11 surviving epigonal early pieces
1997 - 2004

starting composing at age nine with some piano-pieces,
I then spent my early youth creating tons of small pieces
(mostly self-ironic) in various styles at the computer.
But always having a sense of epigonal awareness and a heart
for rather classical music, I burnt most of them.

Due to some impulses of my => SAC-Work in 2019,
including 'backtracking' a kind of 'epigonal-graph',
I present here 11 survivers:
Rock, Piano, Experimental, Electronic, Metal, Pop:

>>> hear them all on bandcamp (and buy)

some extracted pieces:

soft-machine prelude

limbic scar

an der blauen Donau

the crowd
trumpet: Miles Davis

school book - cool book
voice: Jim Morrison - for my cool sister Dorothee


for my cool sister Carolin

intermezzo terza


Then, in 2007, during my studies of contemporary composition
I wrote 'eidyllion', a piece about transformation:
disassembling tradition and rebuilding its structures.
It is my first non-epigonal composition:
=> eidyllion

surviving epigonal early pieces