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YouTube has announced to run this new feature for all video-uploads in 2023 (new audio/language switch option in the video settings). I will add my overdubbed english tracks for each episode as soon as the feature will be available. Stay tuned!

First Episode 'PYRAMIDEN' has started now 03/01/2023 - with feed-guest at the end: John Starosta (*1969 US, Ohio) - contemporary music composer, music theorist, piano teacher [#composer, #artificialintelligence, #piano, #robotics, #extendedpianotechniques] - join & support the channel ...

If you enjoy the podcast and the artform I create - or if you want your own work to be presented in an episode, please show your support by contributing. So I know that you're getting a benefit from it, and can move on and improve things even further on a solid basis. You can support the podcast in 7+ different ways - just do what is suitable for you:

join the podcast yourself

You are a professional/studying or engaging contemporary composer, -musician, artist, researcher, entrepreneur, philosopher or podcaster? You feel connected to the aesthetics and topics of my work? You would like your own work to be presented by me in an upcoming episode? Then you are ready for the following casting process (currently (2023) chances are quite high):

  • follow/support on social media: Instagram, YouTube

    multiply your chances for a successfull casting by the amount of your given likes - this 'love' will flow back to you equally.

  • watch some of the podcasts to see how interesting guest are presented towards the end of each episode.

  • write me an email with:

    • your short cv

    • your website or social-media profiles

    • which of your works/profiles should be presented

    • your payment proposal - starting at 25 EUR
      - at less than 50 followers on my channel ...

      ... minimum will increase with the numbers of my YouTube followers. So: "the early clever birds catch the cheapest most delicious worms" (german saying - modified a little bit)

podcast sponsoring

If you want to sponsor the podcast, I will present your service/product - either with links on top of the video-description or as a personal statement at the end/beginning of the video. BUT: I will never ever present your "platin garden grill" just for the money itself - even if you offer me 10.000 EUR. The only chance for this to happen would be to de-functionalize/deconstruct this ad as ad, which seems to be impossible these days - I don't know any of such attempts that has reached the domain of free beauty: Even the most creative ad still smells like an ad. But it is such a nice paradox ... and the world is full of possibilities. I'm sure there are even several solutions for this ... maybe you just start supporting my channel via patreon here (consider there the membership-tier: "embracing future: 99 EUR/months") - without any reference to your "platin garden grill"? Maybe by this way, we really become friends, and you could invite me to a garden party at some day ... and suddenly ...

But if you are an institution, start-up or engaging person I know well and respect (we also might already have worked together), I would be very happy to welcome you as a sponsor :-) - just write me an email

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about the podcast

deconstructed.stories is the new free youtube video-podcast (better: "postcast-") format by composer & media-artist Johannes Winkler (Essen, NRW, Germany) - about music, art, love, swiping machines ... our contemporary life. Re-composing his slide-composition oeuvre and insights into works of benevolent followers. Winkler presents the podcast via his software 'Maxgram': "a 'maximized Instagram' (written in Max) - with transmedial social features."

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