Kaiser | Winkler (since 2009)

contralto opera-voice & conceptual electroacustics
composition | performance | installation

Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser
contralto, composer-performer, concept

Johannes Winkler
composition, programming, concept


'Auferstehung Banana' (2019) - for contralto, elektronics and percussion (voice: E.A.M. Kaiser, composition: J. Winkler)

'Tetralemmatic Roses for a Birthday' (2018) - for contralto, roses and elektronics (voice-performance: E.A.M Kaiser / elektroakustic composition: J. Winkler)

'Vogel' (2013) for contralto and tape (composition: J. Winkler video/audio-programming)

'Random Graph' (2009) for 4 singers, video and live-elektronics (J. Winkler video/audio-programming)

Network (seit 2018)

Advanced Carnatic-Rhythm Transfers: Researching & Teaching - Out of Germany, Essen

Infos, videos, team, backgrounds, course dates:

Since 2018, our growing team of experienced southindian and german artists is teaching & researching advanced techniques of counting musical time-structures ('Konnakol' / 'carnatic rhythm'). Inspired also by Rafael Reina's PhD thesis (2014) about the application of special southindian-carnatic rhythm-techniques to the incorporation and creation of complex western (contemporary) music, we developed a course module-system with various contents specialized for typical needs of western musicians, composers, conductors, dancers and music-pedagogues aimed at students/professionals and step-by-step courses for beginners.
We are also working with time-relations between body, mind and software ('Digitus Manus - Digital Counting') and offer a docking station for language- and speech research (neuropsycholinguistics, speechtherapy).

Johannes Winkler - initiator / co-founder / docent / content-creator
Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan - master of mridangam, co-founder of 'Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany'
Magnus Dauner - jazzdrummer
Nagushaant Nayinai Wijayan - advisor/author
Stanko Coaching - therapymaterialien

Further (since 2020)


Research & Development of therapymaterials (Konnakol inspired) - with Anita Stanko (Gestaltpsychotherapist / Speechtherapist (staatl. anerkannt)):

Urbanolix Artobot

local art with Roland Scheel, Nevfel Cumart, Ernest Flatter and more: