Johannes Winkler

artist. composer. researcher.

Mr. Winkler's work includes compositions of contemporary music, visual and conceptual arts, software prototypes, instrumental experiments and 'aesthetic learningcontexts'. He works as artist, composer and docent.

#tetralemmatic-creativity, #contemporarymusic, #anthropological-reasoning, #sensory-agricultural-stimulies-(autobiographically), #southindian-time-counting and his so called #'digital-spiritualities' (subjective oriented 'machine learning')

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2019 - 2021 : audiovisual catalogues

Recent works combined as series: 'audiovisual slide compositions'


1998 - 2019 : archive project-space

Works from the last 20 years - collected and re-arranged (music, documents, scores, images, concepts).
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aesthetic-learningcontexts, composition, piano (classical), sound-coding and more.

in 2018, Mr. Winkler initiated 'Netzwerk' with Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany: Teaching and researching advanced rhythm-techniques with southindian vocal time-speaking.

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